The most romantic place in every state

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Little River Canyon's Lookout Mountain in Alabama allows for the perfect picnic and the perfect sights. You can eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich under the glow of the wonder in your loved one's eyes as he or she stares at a beautiful waterfall.


Alaska: Mendenhall Glacier and Lake (Juneau)

Nothing says "romance" more than seeing a frozen glacier melt into ponds and forests like chocolate syrup on an ice cream sundae. Mendenhall Glacier and Lake near Juneau, Alaska, provides just that for those willing to brave the cold.


Arizona: Camelback Mountain

If you don't go to Camelback Mountain for the gorgeous view of and from a mountain that happens to look like a camel's hump and back, then go for the gorgeous, challenging hikes.


Arkansas: South Arkansas Arboretum (El Dorado)

Nature is beautiful. Your partner is beautiful. The two go hand in hand. All of Arkansas' natural beauty is preserved in the South Arkansas Arboretum, so why not make the best combination since peanut butter and jelly?

California: Big Sur

Big Sur could be considered a Swiss Army knife of date locations - it's got a little bit of everything. Whether you're looking to drive along the road with gorgeous views of the romantic coastline, stop at a beach or go on a long hike, Big Sur has options for just about everyone.


Colorado: Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge is America's highest suspension bridge. At 1,250 feet above the Arkansas River, you and your sweetheart could reenact every daring movie bridge scene while appreciating the great view that Royal Gorge has to offer.


Connecticut: Lover's Leap State Park

Don't be scared off by its name - Lover's Leap State Park's hiking trails don't require a huge leap of faith. The trails are mild and won't leave you breathless. In fact, walking through the gorgeous park should leave many opportunities for smooching your loved one, so long as you like nature.


Delaware: Wilmington Riverwalk

If you're going to go through a moonlit stroll through the city, you may as well make sure it has everything - and Wilmington has everything. Walking trails, ice skating, mini golf, restaurants, and movie theaters allow you to truly plan a full day together or just wing it and still have just as good of a time. Plus, it's beautiful.


Florida: Honeymoon Island State Park

Crystal clear waters and nearly untouched beaches allow for swimming, hiking, and seashell collecting all in one place at Honeymoon Island State Park. Add the surrounding views of nature and the outdoors, and you've got yourself a picture-perfect day of romance.


Georgia: Amicalola Falls State Park

Rolling hills filled with trees as far as the eye can see, mixed with wondrous waterfalls and lodges, make this the end-all-be-all place of nature. There are also cute couples activities, like zip lines and archery. Whether you want to make a day of it or stay overnight, Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge have got your back.

Amicalola Falls Lodge

Hawaii: Volcanoes National Park

What could be more romantic than the heat of a volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? There's some powerful symbolism there for you would-be poets, and it's an experience that's difficult to replicate anywhere else.


Idaho: Craters of the Moon

At Craters of the Moon, you can walk along the sites of volcanic activity and both see and learn how the land was affected by it in the past, which is pretty cool. If the romantic heat of magma isn't enough to symbolize undying love, then you might have a pretty cold heart.

Illinois: Navy Pier Ferris Wheel (Chicago)

Chicago itself is a very romantic city, regardless of whether you're walking to the Chicago Theatre or taking a ride down Lake Shore Drive. What better way to appreciate that as a whole than by taking the biggest, most touristy Ferris wheel ride you can afford to get a perfect view of the city's skyline? The Ferris wheel at Navy Pier is an iconic part of the city, and Ferris wheels are already iconic parts of romance, so the two mesh together perfectly to create something simple and sweet that any couple can enjoy.


Indiana: Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest (Valparaiso)

Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest isn't something you'd expect from Indiana. Instead of prairie cornfields or lakeshore industry, it's filled with forested, fairytale fantasy. So much, in fact, that the aboretum actually has Disney-themed events. Hidden just off the path of a major highway, this is a truely hidden, romantic gem perfect for hiking and nature appreciation.

Purdue University Northwest

Iowa: Bridges of Madison County

The bridges of Madison County were romantic enough to spawn a best-selling romance novel, film, and musical. Not only are they famous in the entertainment world, but they're historic pieces of architecture that have withstood the test of time, surrounded by romantic views and a place to just truly enjoy someone's company.


Kansas: Ted Ensley Gardens

An entire garden's worth of perfect picnic spots is at your disposal at Ted Ensley Gardens in Topeka, Kansas. Whether you're looking for rose gardens, meditation gardens, ponds, waterfalls, or streams, this place has something for every couple looking for a romantic backdrop to their packed meal.

Shawnee County Parks and Rec

Kentucky: Mammoth Cave National Park

For the couple whose passions include "Indiana Jones," Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the world's longest known cave system. If you can't think of a way to say "I love you" in 400 miles worth of vast chambers and complex labyrinths, then when will you ever?


Louisiana: The Gardens of the American Rose Center (Shreveport)

If roses are the image that represent romance in your mind (or your partner's), then you're in luck: The American Rose Center is dedicated just to them. The center has over 65 different rose gardens with thousands of bushes, as well as sculptures, fountains, a playground and a picnic area.

American Rose Society

Maine: Cadillac Mountain

Tired of neon lights taking away your stars? Take a trip to Cadillac Mountain, where you can have a romantic evening with your loved one looking up at the stars, or wait until morning to see the sunrise.


Maryland: Woodend Nature Sanctuary (Chevy Chase)

The 40-acre grounds of the Woodend Nature Sanctuary not only offer beautiful stands of trees dating back to the 1600s, but a historic mansion to gawk at as well. Best of all: It's free.

Woodend Nature Sanctuary

Massachusetts: Hammond Castle Museum (Gloucester)

This one will be one-upping other couples' stories of romantic dates for years. Picture this: A stone estate overlooking the ocean and filled to the brim with worldly antiques and relics. It's all located in Massachusetts' Hammond Castle in Gloucester. If you live in or are passing through Massachusetts, it's a must for romance.


Michigan: Craig Lake State Park

Craig Lake State Park in Champion, Michigan is best known for its seclusion, just like the nearby town of Ishpeming. It's a place to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here, it's just you and your sweetheart - and some deer, moose, beavers and black bears.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota: Como Park Zoo and Conservatory (St. Paul)

The tropical trees and exotic plants and animals here give it warmth, even in the cold. Normally you might not think of anywhere with the word "zoo" in it as beautiful and romantic, but the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory even hosts weddings.


Mississippi: Natchez Trace Parkway

Is there anything that makes a couple smile more than driving around together in beautiful weather? What about a 444-mile parkway filled with endless views of nature? Set up your mixtape and take your partner on the most romantic drive they've ever been on down the Natchez Trace Parkway.


Missouri: Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks is beautiful enough as it is before you even explore Bridal Cave, named after a local legend about lovers from different Native American tribes who had a wedding in these caves a la "Romeo and Juliet." If you're the type to find ancient tales and ghosts sweet and aren't afraid of the dark, it's quite romantic.


Montana: Arts on Fire (Bozeman)

Does making art with your sweetie get your heart thumping? Stop by Arts on Fire in Bozeman, Montana, where you and your lover can make a pair of matching heart mugs or any other kind of pottery you can think of. Maybe you'll make that new set of kitchen plates your partner has been pining for. The possibilities are endless!

Arts on Fire

Nebraska: Smith Falls State Park

Looking for the largest waterfall you can find? Smith Falls State Park is home to Nebraska's tallest, which is nearly 70 feet tall, making it one of the most beautiful sights of nature you can find in the state.

Nevada: Eiffel Tower Experience (Las Vegas)

Can't afford to go to Paris? Make it up to your lover with the Eiffel Tower Experience in Las Vegas. You might not be able to go to the real thing, but you can go to America's own version of Paris, complete with killer views of the strip.


New Hampshire: Star Island

Enjoy a bit of history with Star Island on part of the Isle of Shoals straddling the border between New Hampshire and Maine. The elite used to come here as an escape in the 19th century, and now you can too. Enjoy the view of the sunset, or go for some more active walking or kayaking, and cherish the historical privacy.

Star Island Corporation

New Jersey: Long Beach Island

You can literally take the longest walk on the beach here at Long Beach Island, as it stretches for 130 miles. The name is quite literal. If you get bored of that, it also has a carnival!


New Mexico: Riverbend Hot Springs (Truth or Consequences)

The hot springs at Riverbend Hot Springs have existed for centuries, making it a place to get in tune with all of those who have relaxed there before you. This is without mentioning the privacy, and the breathtaking views of Turtleback Mountain and the Rio Grande, which are bound to spark any romance that the hot springs don't.

Riverbend Hot Springs Mineral Springs Resort and Spa

New York: Empire State Building (New York City)

"Sleepless in Seattle" set the standard for the Empire State Building's observation deck, but maybe you can take your sweetie here and attempt to one-up it. Even if you don't quite hit the mark, the sights are about as memorable as it gets, with all of the Big Apple unfolding right in front of your eyes.


North Carolina: Great Smoky Mountains

There's a reason everyone wants to see the Great Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The heavily wooded peaks are among the tallest on the East Coast, and they offer breathtaking views and unique habitats for flora and fauna.


North Dakota: Valley City

Valley City is known affectionately as the "City of Bridges." It has 11, in fact, so they're not exaggerating. Each one offers a unique and charming view, making it great for the couple who wants to hold hands and look out at the expanse of the river and the rest of the city.

Ohio: Marietta

This historic riverboat town is located at the mouth of the Muskingum River where it pours into the broad Ohio. The charming downtown, the idyllic college campus, and the peaceful views from the numerous riverfront parks make Marietta a must-stop for couples looking for small town charm.


Oklahoma: Myriad Botanical Gardens (Oklahoma City)

Hidden in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, the 15-acre Myriad Botanical Gardens offer the feel of a tropical getaway for those who need a break from the city life. Best of all, it's free!


Oregon: Cobble Beach (Newport)

The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area of Cobble Beach in Newport, Oregon, holds the state's second-oldest lighthouse and the view of a lifetime. The waves crashing against the rocks surrounding the cliffside of this ancient lighthouse and the grounds around it are a fabulous sight on a sunny day.


Pennsylvania: Seven Tubs Recreational Area (Wilkes-Barre)

The Seven Tubs is a unique area in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, as it's not just a set of waterfalls, but a series of "tubs" created by flowing water crashing into the gritty sandstone that underlays the area. You can see water dip into one tub, and another, like some sort of parlor trick of cups. It's a hidden gem just off the freeway, and words can't express how breathtaking the experience of walking through these portions of the recreational area are. You've just got to check it out.


Rhode Island: WaterFire (Providence)

The cityscape of Providence is absolutely gorgeous - especially on nights when the WaterFire art display lights up parts of the rivers that run through downtown. If you can coordinate a trip that takes advantage of these performances (there are typically one or two per month), you'll enjoy an unforgettable night of city and water meeting fire.


South Carolina: Edisto River Refuge (Edisto Beach)

The Edisto River Refuge at Edisto Beach, South Carolina, lets you and your lover camp in a charming, secluded treehouse. Alone with your lover, surrounded by nothing but nature in one of these treehouses, romance is sure to be sparked.


South Dakota: Badlands National Park

The Badlands National Park in South Dakota is where Sue the Dinosaur, the world's largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil, was found. The sights are gorgeous, but the activities are even cooler, with hiking and a fossil exhibit trail to explore with your partner in crime. "Jurassic Park" was romantic, right?


Tennessee: Chattanooga

Romantic view No. 1: the top of Lookout Mountain. You can see three states and get a fantastic look at the Tennessee River as it winds through the Chattanooga downtown. Romantic view No. 2: The Hunter Museum of American Art. From the windows just inside, look out at the water and Chattanooga's picturesque bridges. Art is everywhere in Chattanooga - from the sculpture gardens to the aquarium to the ice cream just down the street.


Texas: Austin

Austin's official slogan is "The Live Music Capital of the World." Unofficial slogan? "Keep Austin Weird." The city has great food, music and an unmatched art scene, so live a little. Let your hair down, and explore vibrant Austin with your better half. 


Utah: Arches National Park

There's nothing quite like Arches National Park - arches carved ages ago by ancient seas; rocks perfectly, almost impossibly, balanced; geological marvels everywhere the eye can see. Arches National Park is a place you and your partner won't soon forget. Especially if you get to share it with each other. 


Vermont: Waterbury

Ben and Jerry's factory tour. Need we say more? (There are free samples.) Other features for a romantic getaway include hiking, mountain views from the Waterbury Reservoir and more foodie delights in town. What's not to like?


Virginia: Virginia Beach

Where the Chesapeake Bay meet the Atlantic, you'll find Virginia Beach, a thriving coastal community that's home to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, beachfront trails, and beaches both public and quiet. Take your love out on a sailboat or simply relax together by the water.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Washington: Mount Rainier

The gem of the Cascades and the highest mountain in the state of Washington, snow-capped Mount Rainier is an all-seasons adventure. Slopes are open for skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer, and there's a gondola ride to the summit of this still-active volcano if you'd rather save your energy for an evening drive to Seattle.


West Virginia: New River Gorge

Waterfalls, a fantastic old steel bridge, more waterfalls, and the Grandview Trail, which takes you around the gorge and provides breathtaking views - whether you and your love are walk-in-the-woods types or are looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping (rock climbing and whitewater rafting, anyone?), there's something near New River Gorge for you.


Wisconsin: Milwaukee

Milwaukee's skyline - complete with the wings of the famous Milwaukee Art Museum - almost can't be beat. Until sunset, when the city is cast in shadow and Lake Michigan takes on an almost magical glow. To add even more ambience, come during the summertime and visit Henry Maier Festival Park, when there's almost always live music.


Wyoming: Jackson Lake

Take your partner on a romantic boat ride on Jackson Lake for majestic views of the Teton Range. Pair with a hike if you fancy getting a view from the top, or relax by the water with a fishing pole and camp out for a view of the stars. 

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