Lansing Michigan Things To Do

Many people are surprised to hear that Lansing is the capital of Michigan and not Detroit, but it is known as a hub of the state's political, economic and cultural life.

This is a sprawling urban area that includes the city of Lansing and its suburbs, as well as the cities of Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. Greater Lansing also has a picturesque downtown area with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. Parking is available at the Lansing Public Library and Michigan State University parking, and there are plenty of good places to get on and off the public transportation system in downtown Lansing.

Start your day with a walk or bike ride on the Michigan State University campus or visit the Lansing Trail System, a network of more than 20 miles of asphalt paths where you can cycle, run or walk. From here, you can also take the longest walk on a promenade in Lansing and hike south along the Great Lakes State Park, which leads from Lansing to Grand Rapids.

The zoo, located on Pennsylvania Avenue, can be reached via the River Walk, which runs from the Old Town to Michigan State University. Users of the paved board path can enjoy the natural beauty of this river from the parking lot of the Lansing Riverfront Park and Recreation Center.

Amtrak also connects Lansing with the Thruway Bus, and the Michigan Flyer Motorcoach service stops in Jackson and Ann Arbor. Capitol Hill and Lake Shore are limited to limited service between Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan State University and Michigan International Airport.

Transportation services provide transportation to Lansing from Lansing to Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Haven, Lansing and Grand Lake.

Experiencing everyday life is one of the best ways to get to know Lansing, and it's a good thing to experience it. Michigan is the second largest trailway state in the United States, and Lansing contributes more than 13 miles of river trails that run from downtown Lansing to the MSU campus. The Lansing Lake Parks attract 450,000 visitors a year, about half of whom come from Lansing.

Located on the campus of Michigan State University, the museum is a great place to take a college tour and learn about the history of your new home. It is fun and interesting, which is why historic tours are rightly considered one of the best activities in Lansing.

Stroll down to the MSU Museum, where you will find a large archive and historical collection that focus on the history of the university and its students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Michigan Historical Museum is located just blocks from the Michigan State University campus and offers an interesting insight into Michigan's history, from its early history to its present. An exhibition is on view that tells the story of Michigan's role in the country's manufacturing boom.

Just steps from the Capitol, the Lansing Community College Sculpture Walk houses more than 600 artworks. In the heart of downtown Lansing, just blocks from Michigan State University, is the Michigan Supreme Court, a relatively new structure located at the other end of the mall across from the capital. It is surrounded by 15 restaurants and over 70 shops, all within walking distance.

It is located at the corner of Saginaw Street and Michigan Avenue, just a few blocks from the Capitol, but try the other location at 1016 W. Sganaw.

I would also like to mention that the annual event will be held at the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center on June 2. More information about the events can be found here and about visiting Lansing here. To learn more about the art and history of Lansing and other Michigan cities, visit the Michigan State University Museum of Art website and visit the Art Gallery and Education Center here for more information.

Spend the day visiting some of the best food East Lansing has to offer, and it's fun to bring all its institutions together and find them all. This dive bar is located on the east side of downtown Lansing, just blocks from the Michigan State University campus. It offers great food, great drinks and great views of the Lansing skyline. Located on the Grand River in downtown East Michigan, it is right next to the University of Michigan and Lansing State College of Art.

The MSU campus is located in the city of East Lansing, Meridian Township and Okemos are located to the east, and the capital Lansing is located nearby to the west. The station is conveniently located just blocks from the Michigan State University campus in eastern Michigan.

The city of East Lansing is closest to MSU and downtown is located on the north side of Grand River Avenue in East Lansing. It is located in downtown Lansing, but the MS U campus is located to the south and in East Michigan, the city of Okemos.

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