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Lansing School District was the first district in Michigan to do so when it made the decision to cancel its basketball games Thursday night. After months of government-ordered closures, Gretchen Whitmer lifted safety restrictions on coronavirus and announced gyms could reopen nationwide.

On Friday, MHSAA executive director Mark Uyl posted on the organization's website that youth sports will continue through the M HSAA. Lawrence added that there is no timetable for school districts to reconsider activating school sports. Moving the fall sports from spring to spring is still an option, but it also depends on how neighboring counties decide what to do with it.

While the MHSAA continues to evaluate the nature of the pandemic and develop updated guidelines for its member schools, Kimmerly understands that some schools want to take matters into their own hands. While waiting to see if other districts will make similar decisions, Lawrence encourages everyone to be as realistic as possible in assessing coronavirus pandemics.

Players need to be involved in specific development activities that build better athletes, and we have designed a core program. There is a full-day skating program for all ages and abilities, as well as individual and group lessons. Skates can be rented for $2, group and private lessons are available, and it is even possible to rent the entire rink for parties.

If you want to do more than a day trip skiing, visit Boyne Mountain in Boyne County, where there is even an indoor water park on site. It is also found in Michigan, as it is about an hour from East Lansing. Popular destinations include Lake Huron, Lake Superior State Park and the Michigan State University campus.

Another popular destination for skating is the Munn Arena on the campus of Michigan State University. Prices for public rinks are $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12. There is also a covered ice rink and an ice rink for children and adults.

Current transfer rules will make it harder for athletes to start for another school next season, Kimmerly said. One of the main exceptions to this rule is that athletes must make a full and complete relocation to a new district in order to benefit from the funding. While there are other exceptions to the transfer rule, he said some athletes will find it "difficult" to qualify elsewhere.

According to Kimmerly, the MHSAA has not experienced a situation where an entire district has withdrawn from a year-round sport. He said the state had overcome this dilemma during World War II when it decided against hosting state championships scattered between 1942 and 1943.

We feel this is a positive step in the development of our club and believe it will further increase the opportunities for our players from season to season. This partnership will allow our organization to continue to grow in our own market while fostering a strong relationship with our local community and the state of Michigan as a whole.

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Lansing could be called what has been heard repeatedly in recent months from black Lives Matter activists. As activists continue to push for meaningful police reform, police investment, not police divestment, could spell the beginning of the end of the relationship between Michigan State and the Lansing Police Department.

He had not received any advance notice of the decision, he said, adding that he learned that the Lansing School Board had made its decision on Thursday. Schor, the school board's chief financial officer, and other board members met Thursday to draw up a list of budget priorities that he will have when he prepares the March budget next month.

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