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We are looking for motivated, innovative and dynamic individuals to join our team at the University of Michigan Medical School in Lansing, Michigan. We are looking for qualified individuals to apply for membership in a team of four full-time and part-time employees with at least two years of medical experience.

You should submit a CV with your references and send it to [email protected]. Please send your application by e-mail to Sue Suede, Director of Human Resources at the University of Michigan Medical School, at [Email protected] or by phone at (888) 567-4357.

The University of Michigan Medical School, [email protected] or call (888) 567-4357 or [email protected]. The U - M-Office for Human Resources under [email protected], [e - mail address].

The person wishing to apply for the position should collect the application package from the Mason County Courthouse County Council office. Interested parties should submit a CV, cover letter and salary requirements to cover the salary and performance requirements of the position, as well as a copy of their CV to Michelle Alberts, Grattan Community Secretary, at [email protected] or [e-mail protected]. Send a cover letter, CV and professional references to [protected in certain points] before applying. Send your CV / cover letter / completed application to the Office of Administrative Services, County of Mason, M.D., [Contact] (888) 567-4357 or call (800) 762-5555.

Further information on the application and how to apply, as well as a copy of the application package, can be found in the job description. Send a cover letter and resume to the Main Street Grosse Pointe Board at [email protected] or [e-mail protected]. Send your request to Larry Taupel,, [email protected], [contact] [address], or TFAUpel [at] planningmi [dot] org. To submit a job advertisement or job advertisement, please place "Job Advertisement" or "Job Advertisement" in the subject field at the bottom of your email and send it to [email address] for verification.

Providing training and technical assistance to municipalities, related organizations and individuals to improve and expand planning and economic development in the Department of Planning and Economic Development of the Grosse Pointe County. This employee will perform planning-related work for Grand Rapids County, Michigan, and the City of Lansing. The employee is subordinate to the Planning Director and Deputy District Administrator and assists in the coordination of the planning process for the implementation of planning documents, zoning changes, land use and development plans and other planning activities. The staff will report to and work with the Director of Planning and Economic Development on planning, development, planning changes and issues of development planning change.

This requires the ability to work autonomously, communicate effectively in writing and through personal contacts, and keep programmes on time and within budget. The team atmosphere in the Department of Community Development is good and you have to build a close relationship with the head of the Department of Planning and Economic Development and the Deputy District Administrator.

Professional qualifications include a bachelor's degree in public administration, business administration or a related subject. Realize your potential and require a high level of communication skills and a good understanding of business and business operations.

s degree in public administration, business administration or a related subject, as well as a good understanding of business and operations.

Applicants should have 5 years of professional experience in an area related to public administration, business administration or a related field. The ideal candidate has at least 3 years of experience in public management (preferably 5 + years) and is familiar with a wide range of entrepreneurial and operational management skills. Maintenance and efficient preparation of maps as well as a good understanding of data management and analysis.

If you are an aspiring planner who is passionate about small towns and rural areas and interested in a planner job, please read the job description and consider applying. Any qualified person who is eligible for the position must apply according to the instructions on / career, including a CV and cover letter. Only applications included in this application package and sent back to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MNR) Office of Public Works and Public Utilities (OPU) will be considered.

To limit possible exposure, all employees and visitors must undergo a health screening with all symptoms of possible exposure before entering the facility under COVID-19. Candidates who wish to maintain the confidentiality of their interests as permitted or provided for by Michigan law must state this in their application.

The CVJM takes active steps to create a safe workplace by introducing training, updating policies and providing resources to ensure that its employees are trained to work in a customer service environment. The Y works with hygiene experts to ensure that all cleaning solutions used are applicable and EPA approved. Staff are trained in improved cleaning protocols and will implement them every day.