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About Lansing

Surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes, captivating scenery, notable education systems and the heart of government, Lansing, Michigan is a central hub of diversity with extensive offerings for the resident and the visitor. The largest river in Michigan, The Grand River, runs through downtown Lansing. Lansing is a trade and processing center for its surrounding agricultural area. Old Town offers a unique array of treasures from the past with its fine collection of antiques. For a change of pace, The Lansing City Market’s fresh flowers is the perfect place to enjoy plant life floral beauty.

There is always something to do or something to see in the town of Lansing. At the top of a visitors list of to do’s list is the magnificent Capitol building. A tour of the building displays excellent restoration to its Victorian grandeur. A walk down Capitol Avenue to Museum Drive is the Impression Five Science Center with interactive exhibits. Michigan Historical Museum is also a favored spot for visitors. The Michigan Historical Museum, which boasts a great collection of items from Michigan's past, includes a recreated copper mine that will please history buffs.

Children and families will enjoy taking a camel ride at the Potter Park Zoo or spending the day biking through the Sleepy Hollow State Park. The Sleepy Hollow State Park has a river running through it and a large lake in the middle of the over 2,600-acre park. It is ideal for camping and activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing and viewing the plentiful wildlife. The Louis F. Adado Riverfront Park and Trail System was designed as a downtown festival park. The beautiful scenic walkway unites parks, historic sites, and activity centers for over eight enjoyable miles.

There are a ton of annual events in Lancing, but Oktoberfest in Old Town is very recommended. Polka dancing, German cuisines, five types of beer plus two locally made hard ciders, and a celebrity drunk tank are all things that you can experience at Lansing’s Oktoberfest.

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